Sleigh Bells - Jessica Rabbit

A few weeks ago, I received my pre-order of the brand new Sleigh Bells album, "Jessica Rabbit". In customary fashion, I put the record on and let it spin while I doodled. I am already a fan of the album art work, so this sketching was just more for fun than it was to create something worthy of the title, alternate album artwork.

What a great album this is. It's definitely being put in heavy rotation.

Nx Worries - Yes Lawd!

I've finally had a chance to give the newest NxWorries debut album "Yes Lawd!" a few spins and took it upon myself to create an alternate album cover for it. I was a big fan of their EP, "Link Up & Suede" and had been looking forward to their debut for a while. This album definitely did not disappoint. It is perfect clean the house and run errands music. 

Loosies 11.8.16

A collection on digital sketches throughout the week. Usually quick, seeing as I don't have gobs of time to do these, but I still enjoy this time, none the less.

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Tell Me What I don't know

Hip-Hop artist Danny Brown recently released his sophomore album entitled "Atrocity Exhibition". In a small sense, I like what Danny is doing for the genre, but his music isn't always my cup of tea. I'm still taking in the album to decide ultimately if I like it or not, but there was one particular song that really stood out to me, that I decided to sketch to.

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Is There a Rehab for Binge Watchers

Between Netflix, Hulu, HBOGo, and just regular television in general, there are soooo many quality movies and shows to stream. With that being said, in an effort to continue practicing using this Wacom Intuos tablet, I decided to do a quick doodle to depict what I would be doing with any free time I might have for the next few weeks:

What a time to be alive.

Loosies 9.30.16

I've been in, what can only be described as, an artistic rut lately. I don't seem to be happy with anything I paint or sketch. Maybe this means, I'm "growing" as an artist, or maybe it means I need inspiration, I don't know?  It's been a while since I've had White Castle, so I'm just going to assume my artistic frustrations are directly related to a steam-grilled slider deficiency in my diet.

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Art of Matthew

I recently finished one and a half paintings for an exhibition entitled, "Art of Matthew". I say one and a half,  because somehow, I managed to spill paint on a painting that I had already completed. Talk about bad luck. Anyway, the exhibition is related to the Book of Matthew - the book in the Bible.

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Awkward Small Talk

I really LOVE the photography of Nicholas Maggio. As I was looking through some of his most recent work via his website, I decided to add some "flavor" to one of his pictures. I really struggle with small talk.

xOXO - ashley

More digital sketching...or painting...or whatever it's called. I don't personally know an Ashley. It was just the best name I could think of at the time.

Major Tom

Really digging this digital painting thing. This kind of reminds me of a cool anime.

The title comes from a song by the same name. There are several versions, but the one I am partial is sung by a group by the name of "Shiny Toy Guns".