Shlohmo - Dark Red

Los Angeles producer,  Shlohmo, recently released his second studio album entitled, "Dark Red". In kind of a Mondo-esque fashion, I decided to craft my own alternate version of album cover based simply on what I thought would look cool and fit the vibe of the album while I listened to it. I decided to paint this alternate cover on some cardboard I had lying around rather than creating something digital.

While listening to this album, I couldn't help but picture a woman running from some type of cultist tribe living among a dark red forest-like atmosphere. As the album progressed, I felt as though I was envisioning scenes of this woman's daring escape through the thick red brush, all the while you can still hear the sounds of the tribesmen humming, chanting and talking to one another in some foreign language as they  trailed behind in an attempt to search out the woman. Finally, after doing everything she could to evade the slowly approaching group of tribesmen, she finally realizes at the end of the album, that there is no escape, and instead of letting herself be captured and sacrificed, she takes her own life by jumping off a cliff, as the tribesmen look on. 

Check out the original work and my interpretation down below, and if you get the chance, stream it here, courtesy of the New York Times. Then buy it.