I did an acrylic painting on the cover of a vinyl record I bought (for $5) at a local show.  I can't say I remember the details of who I was there to see or why I decided to buy said vinyl, but soon after the purchase, I thought to myself, why not paint on it, so I did.

Here's a little about the band and their music if you're interested. I can't say the music is my cup of tea, but I'm certainly diggin' the new cover art.

The notorious singer-songwriter of the lo-fi-psyche group Marmoset is now accompanied by Indianapolis threesome Heavy Hometown. Led by producer Corey Barnes, the mordant, avant-sinister persona of Jorma's previous work is here in the ascendancy, fleshed out by a diverse array of instrumentation. Fuzzed-out guitars of former incarnations remain, but they are joined here by clarinet licks, creepy organs, a horn section, and lonely piano riffs.

You can listen to the album here.