Siren Song

As an artist of any discipline, I think being comfortable with your own identity, who you are as person, and what you like is very important in how you perceive your own art and in creating your own style as an artist. This is something I feel like I am just now beginning to learn. For the longest time, I feel like I have compared my art to others, and doing everything I could to mimic the style of those artists I looked up to or creating the kind of art I know people are in to - portraits of famous people/characters done in a hyper-realistic fashion. Not that there is anything wrong with that kind of artwork, it just isn't a reflection of who I am, and what I like. 

There was a Dr. Seuss art exhibit near our house that I got a chance to check out that really re-emphasized this point of individuality for me. Most people recognize his work on sight. It is original, creative, and most of all, his. 

I guess I say all this to say, I am growing more comfortable with the art I create, because it is ultimately a reflection of who I am as an artist. What it boils down to after that, is spending the time honing in on your craft and perfecting your style.

Pictured is a painting I recently entitled, "Siren Song". I think this is the first painting, that while working on it, I was comfortable with whatever the outcome was, and didn't concern myself so much with other external factors. It was pretty liberating to say the least.

Pour one out for Dr. Seuss.