Tell Me What I don't know

Hip-Hop artist Danny Brown recently released his sophomore album entitled "Atrocity Exhibition". In a small sense, I like what Danny is doing for the genre, but his music isn't always my cup of tea. I'm still taking in the album to decide ultimately if I like it or not, but there was one particular song that really stood out to me, that I decided to sketch to.

The song is called "Tell me what I don't know". Normally Danny raps in a passion filled, high-pitched voice, but in some songs, when the material being rapped about hits closer to home, he raps in a lower, more somber tone of voice. This is one of those songs. In the first few seconds of the song he raps a lyric that really made me think about life in the slums, which is something I thankfully have never really experienced. It goes:

Street smart, Ph.D
Dropped out for a slanging degree
9 on me, keep the devils off me
'Cause we was living in hell, couldn't afford property
Lil nigga gettin' frontin' from OGs
Oz of reggie bagged up in the Pelle
In a school hallways on a burnout celly
Leaving out of class early, caught a sale for 20
How long will it last?
Never ending race, chasin' cash
One lane going wrong way 'til I crash
Teacher find my sack, going nowhere fast

The imagery in this verse inspired me to sketch. So I did, and here it is.