Fashion Toons - Issue 14

A couple of months back, I picked up a copy of the bi-annual, over-sized art, fashion and music magazine, The Last Magazine. Being a visual person, it is hard to overlook such gorgeous looking giant sized print, so naturally, I bought this particular issue, which so happens to be their 14th.

After looking through this issue and admiring all the amazing photography, it didn't take long for me to begin doodling crude cartoons and on some pages even including the lyrics to whatever I was listening to at the time. There was no deep reason or political statement behind doing this. It was mostly due to a long week at work and not having the mental capacity to want to focus on creating something with an immense attention to detail or thought behind it. Surprisingly, people seemed to gravitate to the idea, so this may be something I do more regularly, especially since it seems to be pretty therapeutic after a hectic work week.

Thanks to local periodicals shop,  PRINTtext for being awesome and being the best place to get your print fix in the city.